Art Director, Designer & Photographer

IHadCancer.com was ideated by Squeaky’s co-founder, Mailet Lopez, after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008. The idea was simple; create a space in which anyone affected by cancer could connect and share their experiences with people who truly understand.

With IHadCancer’s three time Webby Award winning website and growing success, the Squeaky creative team was tasked with a fresh re-brand in 2015. One that could represent the warm energy received within this unique community. From this, “the hug” was born. Hugs are the most natural therapy, tapping into our instinctive need for touch and interaction. They offer, in a single wordless gesture; security, warmth, compassion, and affection.

IHC’s social media strategy has since shifted to better represent the genuine human connections being made, with the use of carefree, candid photography and hand lettered words.

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