Moonflower Spirits

Art Director, Designer & Photographer

Moonflower Spirits is an online boutique serving a niche market of spirituality and metaphysical interests. The shop features natural crystals from around the world, along with hand crafted jewelry made with various gemstones. Moonflower is created and run by Elyssa Chiodo, a beautiful soul that I'm lucky enough to call my best friend.

Together, Elyssa and I re-imagined the Moonflower Spirits brand to be an experience that connects her customers with all this natural earth has to offer. A unique geometric gemstone was crafted to help Moonflower stand out in the saturated metaphysical industry, while remaining simple and memorable to her audience. The next step was to then carry over the brand in to packaging and marketing materials. The use of vibrant photography that represents each element paired with natural accents, allow Moonflower's customers to truly feel the energy of the earth and it's gifts.

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